Monday, June 02, 2014

theeeeee yankees win!

we were so blessed this weekend to be given an opportunity to go to yankee stadium to see the yankees take on the minnesota twins.  that itself is enough of a gift given to our family, but it was even better than that!  first of all, we were able to head out to clinton, nj on friday, to see some friends, walk downtown where we used to live, and drive by the house we lived in for four years.  then we had a wonderful dinner and friday evening with several dear friends, and had a great time catching up.

once saturday morning arrived, we were able to ride to yankee stadium in style!  we were picked up in a limousine, the very first ride i have ever had in such a vehicle.  the boys thought they were celebrities, and were living it up!  in the picture below you can (sort of) see some of us in the limo, as we are going across the gw bridge out of the city.

the yankee game itself was amazing.  we had such a gorgeous day (other than the strange black cloud which seemed to settle right over yankee stadium and dump copious amounts of rain for about 20 minutes - pretty sure it was a cloud from boston), and the game matched the day, in my opinion.  tanaka pitched  for the yankees, and other than a little snafu in the first inning, he was spectacular, and only gave up one run over 8 innings.  it was so great to be in the house that jeter built, and, speaking of jeter, it was so great not only to see him (he went 2-4 with a double and a single), but to see the crowd honor him with a standing ovation every time he came to the plate to the recording of bob shepherd so eloquently speaking his name.

we sat in the right-center field bleachers, and it was a fun place to sit, as the people there really got into the game, so not only did we get to participate in the bleacher-creature roll call in the first inning, but we just got to experience the game with people who really appreciated the opportunity to be there.  people actually sang - boisterously - the national anthem, "God bless america," and "take me out to the ballgame."  there was a great fan-camaraderie going on, and it was fun to be a part of.

 we felt so blessed to be given such an overwhelming gift, and only hope that we can be such a blessing to others by our attitudes, our joy, and the gifts we are able to offer.
oh, and the yankees won, 3-1.  it was a wonderful weekend!

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