Tuesday, June 24, 2014

the great milinovich root beer taste test of 2014

some of you may remember from my post about our summer bucket list that we were planning a root beer taste test this summer.  well, we couldn't wait, so the second official day of summer seemed about as good a time as any.

so we collected 13 different types of root beer, got a bunch of dixie cups ready, and started pouring.  i randomized the test for shannon, jackson and caedmon (quinton didn't taste test...he just drank his weight in root beer, one dixie cup at a time), and then shannon re-randomized it for me.

we had score sheets so that we could take notes on each one.  you can see some of those notes below.  some were too sweet (almost like  molasses), some were good, but left a peculiar aftertaste.  one was just downright awful.  some were spicier, while others were sweeter.  i particularly like cade's score sheet, which reads: sweet, good, sweet, good, sweet, good, sweet, root beer barrels.   hard to argue with any of that.

now, the part you've all been waiting for.....  which brand won our contest?

well, we had no real agreement on this, so i will share our complete results.

1.  dr. browns (which he said tastes like rroot beer barrels)
2.  mug (sweet)
3.  kutztown (good)

1.  big bens (made just down the road from us)
1.  kutztown
3.  IBC

1.  hank's (almost like a cream soda, she said)
2.  barq's (spicy, cloves and nutmeg)
3.  a&w (creamy, mild)

1.  dad's (heavy with spice...delicious!)
2. barq's (lighter...brightly spiced....yum!)
3.  kutztown  (nice balance)
4.  big bens
5.  mug
6.  ibc
7.  natural brew
8.  a&w
9.  stewarts
10. hanks
11. mug
12. virgils
13. polar

one thing we ALL agreed on, polar is terrible.  it really and truly tastes like dirt.  we all said the exact same thing when we tasted it.

so the winners are...

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Emoly said...

I've had Dad's. Have you ever tried Dang? There's a restaurant here that sells several varieties of root beer. I try a different one each time. I'll avoid Polar if I ever see it. That sounds fun. Now which one is best in a root beer float?