Sunday, May 11, 2014

happy mothers day, 2014

happy mothers day to all the moms out there...the work you do is so often thankless, but about as critical as anything i can imagine.  you deserve so much more than a day of thanks!  here's hoping that the appreciation that those you love have for you finds a way to the surface each and every day!

still, it's great to get one very special day.  and so it has become a tradition in our house to honor the awesome lady of our house with a video tribute to try and demonstrate just how much we adore and appreciate her.  this is our sixth one of these little video-gifts, and i think we have more and more fun every year.

this year, i incorporated her super-surprise mothers day gift into the music video.  but i won't spoil it yet.  you can watch for yourself.  and then i'll tell you.

we went with a bruce springsteen theme this year, and shot in at least 9 different locations, and had several costume changes as well.  the boys really get into it, and it becomes this whole kind of intense bonding thing for us, which i hope sort of comes out in the video.  anyway, here it is:

well, there it is.  and, for the surprise at the end.  shannon opened up that drawer in our coffee table where we keep our "dreambook," which is sort of a family bucket list, and opened it up to that page where jackson put the "top secret" envelope.  she ripped it open to find two tickets to see bruce springsteen this week!  she has always wanted to see "the boss," and now she will....and it will hopefully always be connected to this fun memory, too.  and, most importantly, all three boys and i want to make sure she knows just how much she is our sunny day.  we hope you might be inspired to find creative ways to say something important to the moms in your life, too.


Cmilinovich said...

Loved the video as always! You are ALL my sunny days!!!

Emoly said...

Oh my word that was just the best thing. It made my day. Have fun at the concert!