Wednesday, March 12, 2014

happy birthday, william lyon mackenzie

happy birthday, william lyon mackenzie.  you were born this day in 1795, which would make you 219 years old today.

you were international long before it was him.  you were born in scotland, became a canadian citizen, an american journalist, and then the very first mayor of toronto.   i wonder if you are rolling around in your 153-year old grave now that this man is sitting in your swivel chair:

you were one of the leaders of the upper canada rebellion of 1837, and for that, canadians everywhere say, "thank you, eh."

also, your grandson mackenzie king became the 10th prime minister of canada, and the longest serving, so you have certainly offered a great deal to your country.  but he also upstaged you, since he is remembered fondly, and is on the canadian 50 dollar bill.  so when canadians think of mackenzie, they mostly think of him, not you.  sorry bud.

finally, your middle name is lyon, which, when said with my awful french accent, sounds uber-cool.  it makes me wonder how  it would be if my middle name was "lion"  how awesome would that be?  gregory lion.

so happy birthday, bill the canadian lion, with your fourteen (fifteen?) children, your love of reading, and your constant money troubles.  may you be a happy lion.

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