Monday, March 24, 2014

book review: unbroken

okay, i'm not really a book reviewer, and i really don't know the first thing about what a book review is "supposed" to be like.  i simply like to reflect after reading a book about what was worthwhile and what was not.  in this case?  wow.

laura hillenbrand (author of seabiscuit) has written an unbelievable story of one man's life, and it would be unforgivable if you chose not to read it.  i am unlimited in my praise for this story.  okay, enough uns.

but seriously, this book is ridiculous.  shannon had read it awhile ago and said that of all the books she has read, this one really sticks with her perhaps more than any, and she really wanted to me to read it.  so i did.  and boy am i glad, too.  it is a biography of the life of louis zamperini, whom, if you are like me, you may have never heard of.  which is a darn shame.  he should be more famous than lady gaga, miley cyrus and justin beiber combined.

the story is so amazing that i refuse to give away too much information here simply because i don't want to be guilty of robbing any of the experience of discovery from you in the chance that you will decide to read the book.  instead of providing you with details that hillenbrand herself can give you much more beautifully than i, let me just finish this review with a few closing thoughts:

you might want to read this book.
you should read this book.
you MUST read this book.  

i could give you 100 reasons, in fact i started typing them, and then i just deleted them because it all comes down to this:  it is a truly life-changing, hope-giving, mind-blowing story that every human being should know.  period.

go borrow it or buy it.  do not wait for the movie.  i love movies and all, but this is a story that needs your full engagement.


Happy said...

Read it, loved it. Definitely one of those books that changes you just in having read it.

Anonymous said...

You've never told us we HAD to read a book…so I'm gonna stop the book I'm currently reading, to buy and read this book.

Okay…so now…I just wish you had a link to the Amazon website for this book, like other blogs do. That would make it easier on this lazy person! (And you can make a coin or two!)

Gregory Milinovich said...