Thursday, March 13, 2014

a plastic minefield: a random thursday

-a friend sent me this very-true-to-life comic:

and it reminded me of this photo, which also feels like our house at times:

when we are much older and we look back on this era of our lives, we will almost surely call it "the lego years."  funny how a bunch of little plastic bricks can be so powerful!

-quin's new saying, which is a variation from something he heard in a movie:  "no buts, no cuts, no pocunuts."   that's right.  pocunuts.

-any willie nelson fans out there?  i love willie, and i just recently picked up his latest album "to all the girls i've loved before," which is a collection of 18 duets between willie and the likes of emmylou harris, alison krauss, norah jones, loretta lynn, brandi carlisle, carrie underwood, and many others.  great stuff.  highly recommended for any willie nelson fans.

-also, i have been listening to this wonderful little collection of lenten music by page cxvi, simply called "from lent to maundy thursday," and it includes 7 hymns which have been remade for the season.  beautifully done.  if you click the link above, you can listen to the whole album.  by the way, their name is a reference to page 116 in their copy of c.s. lewis' "magician's nephew," in which Aslan sings creation into being.  awesome.

-the steelers have been busy carving out the new shape of their team for 2014.  goodbye to lamar woodley and ryan clark, david johnson, johnathan dwyer, curtis brown and others.  welcome to mike mitchell.  welcome back to cody wallace and greg warren and troy and heath and ike.  free agency is fun, but it is sad to see players go, due to the business end of football.  i always like lamar woodley, but he was just injured far too much to earn the kind of money the steelers were paying him.  and ryan clark?  that's a class act who will be missed by teammates and fans alike.  fortunately, i have a feeling you'll get to see and hear a great deal from him on espn, as he has a personality that was made for tv.  it will be interesting to see what the roster looks like when we get to the draft....

-but enough about football.  haven't you been hearing the crack of the bat?  baseball is coming, and it is getting ever nearer, just as the light lasts ever longer each night.  soon it will be "take me out to the ballgame" and "buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks," and i am giddy with excitement, like a kid at christmas.

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Emoly said...

First, when did that Lego explosion happen?

Second, I am SO excited for baseball. Seriously, I can't wait. Even if they have to play in the snow.

There's no third.

But I am a wee bit of a Willie Nelson fan.