Friday, March 21, 2014


one thousand.  that can be plenty of something, depending on what it is. then add eight more hundred to it. plenty, right?  especially when they are blog posts. 

yep, this is my 1,800th post here at this same corner of the internet. 

that seems like a pretty formidable number. in fact, it's hard for me to believe that i've written that much. but i have. and while i am proud that i've been able to stay consistent and write that much, i'm even happier that my outlook on the whole thing has matured as well. i used to check my stats and count something called "page views," whatever that means. but not anymore. i truly don't worry about it. i'm no longer concerned with who is or is not reading; i am writing because i love to write.  and i feel as though i've only just begun to scratch the surface of what my soul is begging to say. or maybe that isn't the best way to put it. perhaps what i mean is that i desperately need to keep saying what i've already been saying: like some cosmic echo i'm meant to keep alive. i've written for laughs and for tears, out of boredom and from the sweaty depths of my soul, but in one very real (at least to me) sense, i've simply been singing the same refrain in 1,800 different ways. it is a flame - an ember even - that i feel compelled (called?) to keep alive, nursing and nurturing its light and warmth. and so i shall. i will keep this fire burning; i will keep rearranging these 26 letters to try and coax life and warmth and hope and joy from them. abundantly. 

if you are here, then you've been a part of the journey, even if only for a visit. and for that i thank you. i hope you've found something of value here, and i welcome you to come back anytime. i'll still be here, blowing on these embers, as i have been called to do. peace to you. 


Emoly said...

That is a tremendous achievement. Congratulations!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and being vulnerable. Your words have supported me in more ways and more times than you will ever know!

I also enjoy keeping up with your family and watching the beauty of creativity emanate from your house. It is pure joy.

Crafty P said...

really cool. I appreciate and am thankful for your little internet space.
1,800 is a HUGE number. I've def come a long way too and don't check those stats anymore... but I also don't blog as much anymore either.

thanks for stopping by "my place" as well.

Gregory Milinovich said...

thanks to both of you! i appreciate your kindness and longstanding friendships above all. love to you.

pete said...

Incredible. It's time to collect the Best Of and self publish a book!

Gregory Milinovich said...

thanks, Pete. i'm afraid the target audience for such a book consists of about 7 or 8 people, most of which i'm related to. still, i appreciate the affirmation. much love to you and yours.