Friday, February 07, 2014

you can go ahead and be done now

we got a bit of snow this week, and since i had to shovel (again), i figured i might as well have fun doing it.  so i built a mountain.  this involves much more work than just shoveling snow, because i have to carry shovel-fulls of snow all the way from one end of the drive way to the other, making quite a spectacle of myself in the process.  no fewer than 5 neighbors stopped to gawk and/or question my sanity.  i tried to explain that i enjoyed the exercise, the crisp air, and the ability to construct something out of all this mess.

they didn't understand.

but jackson did.  he came out and "helped" me.  actually, cade tried to, but that lasted for about 2 shovels full.  jack just tossed snow onto the side of it, and ate about as much as he shoveled, but by the end of it, we've got a mountain that is at least 10 feet from bottom to top on the one side.  we'll still be playing on it in june.

speaking of june, winter can go ahead and be done now.  which is actually what i wrote on this poster i made, because everyone makes posters dedicated to winter, right?  well, maybe not, but i need something to vent my frustration and pent-up resentment towards winter.  so, a poster it is.  now i'm going back into hibernation inside a cave in my snow mountain.  see you in june.

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