Thursday, February 27, 2014

through the lens of hope

"looking through the lens of hope"
catawissa avenue united methodist church king's kids club
mixed media collage on found window (glue, acrylic paint, newspaper, found papers)
february 23, 2014

our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders at catawissa avenue umc call themselves the king's kids club.  this last week we got together to work on an art project.  we started with a thought-provoking conversation about how we look at the world with our own unique eyes, and even though we may see the exact same things, we all see them in distinctly different ways.  we talked about how our church has been called to try and see things through the eyes of hope.  to illustrate this we looked through several pairs of glasses, some of which had been painted in various colors and degrees of transparency, as a way to understand that the lenses we look through make a huge difference about how we see the world.  we looked at romans 8 to help us understand that we have the choice to look at the world through the eyes of hope, even in the middle of a world full of such bad news all the time.

so we decided to make some art to illustrate our learning.

the kids immediately got to work collecting the bits of paper that would serve as the real "paint" or color of our piece, and then, once we had enough materials, they began to glue the paper on pre-cut panels of watercolor paper.

i also taught them how to do an acrylic paint "wash," so that we could take some depressing newspaper headlines that we wanted to use in our project, and turn them into the colors that we were using.  they seemed to enjoy this, and then they glued those to the project as well.

one the panels were finished, i simply traced the letters onto the back of the panels, used an exact-o knife to cut them out, and then attached all four panels to the back of an old window that i had rescued from the side of the road, destined for the dump.  it is no longer refuse; it is now a reminder to everyone in our church that we are called to look through the lens of hope.  it will soon be hung somewhere in the church for all to see.

great job to our kkc kids!


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