Friday, February 14, 2014

looking at snowflakes, thinking of (baseball) diamonds

while i was outside yesterday, adding a couple of feet to my snow mountain (we had about 10 or so inches of snow), i was thinking of spring and training.  i was thinking of pitches and catchers.  i was thinking of leather and wood.  i was thinking of shortstops and long outs.  i was thinking about fastballs and slow curves.  i was thinking about round trippers and line drives.

i was dreaming of baseball.

why?  because it is here.  all over the south, baseball clubs have started gathering for the beginning of spring training.  and, though miles away, i can feel it in my soul.  i am ready for just this sort of thing.  ready for the pops of sizzling fastballs in catcher's mitts.  ready for the throaty growl of a homeplate umpire.  ready for the heavenly crack-sound of a double down the line.

i'm not really ready to say goodbye to derek jeter, but that is a whole 'nother story.

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