Thursday, February 13, 2014


we have a bug boy. 

with his birthday money he wanted to buy dead bugs. so we found a cool website that sells all sorts of bugs at what seems like good prices ("so, what's a near-mint dung beetle going for these days?"). as you can see from the progression in the picture above, they shipped them to him, he received the box while chewing his dinner, smiling with his mouthful. we opened the package, had to "rehydrate" the insects, "spread" them, then let them dry again before finally mounting them. what a process!  but he loved it and learned along the way. 

when i entered into fatherhood, i never realized i was going to have to be handling dead, wet tarantulas, scorpions, and giant amazon cockroaches. 

but i did.  and the results look pretty cool, right?  that giant one in the middle is a cicada, and the picture doesn't even do justice to that amazing blue/purple butterfly.  

and he's already ordered more bugs. 


Emoly said...

Is the butterfly a Blue Morpho?

Gregory Milinovich said...

why, yes it is.