Tuesday, February 18, 2014

accepting winter (finally)

okay.  we get it.  we're all tired of winter.

i have personally used this digital space to do more than my fair share of complaining about the weather this winter.  i was hoping it would hold me over until i could start complaining about the heat, but i've come to the limit of my complaining.

i was made aware at several different moments today that there is still a month or so of winter remaining.  and i was thinking about how much i've complained already, and how ready i am for spring, for green, for the first unfolding flower to shock the frost out of me with its daring color.

and then i realized again that spring without winter is like a gloriously delicious meal, moments after you've already eaten a gloriously delicious meal.  it has lost its value.

and so i am resolving to appreciate these final ticks of winter, whether they be the lion that marches out of february, or a slow decrescendo into lighter evenings and warmer afternoons.  if we still have many more inches of snow to shovel, or yet more ice to traverse, i will receive it with a sort of resolute understanding, that these long dark, cold days will make the birdsongs that much sweeter.  this winter will make the april flowers that much brighter.  these long dark nights will make the spring sun that much more warm and welcome.

so, finish your work here, winter.  you will receive no more pushy bullying from me.  go ahead and do what you need to do.  i will wait patiently.  i will shovel and zip-up and scrape and so forth until you are finished.  and when you finally die and melt into the soil, i will dance joyfully on your wet and springy grave, spraying mud everywhere.  and with the seeds i will lift my arms towards the heavens, and unfurl my latent life.

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