Tuesday, January 28, 2014

things i love: warmth, class, and certain kinds of paper

the kids have a 2-hour delay this morning because of the cold temps, so i took a picture from our front window of the front lawn this morning..

a little creepy that he's smiling and waving, but i guess that's just him mocking us, saying, "it feels like 14 below zero out here, wanna come outside for a snow cone?"


also this:  i'm ready for spring.  i feel like i usually am able to delay this feeling until mid-february, but not this year.  i want spring and i want it now.  i have had quite enough of mr. winter, thank you very much, what with his gray-black snow and tracking salt from your shoes into the house and your vehicles looking like you dipped them in gray paint.  enough!


i watched some of the grammys on sunday night.  it started at 8pm with beyonce girating around half-naked as if she was at one of the establishments that operate near truck stops.  i was glad my children weren't watching, but i was wondering how many were,  and i was thinking about miley cyrus and how everyone freaked out, and how this really didn't seem too different to me.  i love art, and i love how music can be the very best kind of art, but so much of what the grammys seemed to be selling/celebrating often felt less like art and more like something cheap.  there was some interesting stuff, too, but it is often disappointing to me to see the state of american popular music.


i am certainly not a technophobe, and i often welcome many of the changes that come with technology, including ways that we can save on paper.  but when it comes to books, i am old school.  i like the feel of a book, the smell of the paper, the option of writing in my own handwriting in the margins.  and when it comes to certain other kinds of paper, well, let's just say there are times when the ipad just doesn't touch it, as this video will humorously demonstrate:

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