Thursday, January 16, 2014

steelers 2013 wrap-up

the steelers won at the end of december, and i never blogged about, being, as i was, on a bit of a vacation from the blog.  however, that steelers itch was burnin' inside me ever since, to go ahead and make some photos of that final victory of the season over the lifeless browns, so here they are.  it was a 20-7 beating, but what stands out more than the victory, was the way everything seemed to be falling perfectly into line for the steelers to somehow, after a season of ineptitude, make the playoffs in an unlikely fashion.

everything except the chiefs, who did everything but officially forfeit their game to try and lose it to the chargers.

so, more than anything, i remember ryan succop's missed field goal in kansas city, rather than what could be the final game for brett kiesel as a steelers lineman, or what was another strong performance by cotchery.  it was great to see the steelers playing well: to see the offense clicking, to see bell running strong, to see young defenders like heyward, hood and worilds really coming into their own.  but it all had the bitter aftertaste known as "too little too late."

still, having had some time to heal from a largely forgettable season (another loss in oakland?  geesh.), one positive to carry into 2014 is the rising stars on the steelers roster: bell, heyward, worilds, williams, wheaton, moye, allen, garvin, and others.  its going to be hard to say goodbye to some players (woodley? clark?  we will miss you, should you go....), but it is time to get to know some new ones.  and amidst all the change, it is good to know that we still get to play the browns twice a year.

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