Thursday, January 09, 2014

i'm b...b....back...brrrrrrr

oh my.  here i go with the absolutely cliche blog post: sorry i haven't written.  blah blah busy blah blah.


truth is, i just haven't felt like writing.  i haven't felt like doing much of anything, really.  not that i'm exactly depressed, but just having a little trouble re-entering the routine following the holidays.  i haven't been to the gym since before christmas.  it's just been a struggle to readjust, but today i finally feel ready to fully cross the threshold back into the routine.  i know, it's about time.

oh, its also been colder than mr. snow miser's toilet seat around here.  it's been hard to want to do much of anything other than sit in front of the fire under a pile of blankets.

but today i'm up and at 'em.  heading to the gym.  bracing the cold.  blogging.  re-entering routine (fully).

i hear your sarcastic applause. thank you, thank you very much.  (bowing appreciatively, exits to gym).

oh, and if you think it's cold here, be glad you don't live in california....

now, if you'll excuse me, its time to go and be incredibly productive....

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