Friday, January 24, 2014

happy birthday, jackson

tomorrow is jackson's birthday, and we will be celebrating with family as we (finally) get to meet our new cousin/niece.  we're all very excited!  our crazy son LOVES mustard, and it has sort of become his "thing," so he asked for a mustard cake this year, by which he meant a mustard-flavored cake.  thinking that this was impractical and absolutely disgusting, we comprised by agreeing that he could have a regular cake shaped like a mustard bottle.

pictures forthcoming.

we are proud of the little guy, who is not so little anymore.  we are regularly amazed at how big he's getting, and how much he is growing up.  we can't help but celebrate our heads off that he was born, and continues to grow into a fine young man.  we are blessed.  i particularly love when i see him do things for others, like the other night when he took it upon himself to do the bedtime reading for his youngest brother, reading several books to him in a sing-song voice, trying his best to keep him interested and engaged.  he pointed to the pictures, made different voices and sounds, and showed great love and selflessness.

so, i hope he has a great and, umm, tangy(?), birthday, full of joy and condiments.

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