Thursday, January 23, 2014

fun at the crayola experience

we had the opportunity last weekend to visit some friends in new jersey for a brief stay (about 24 hours, really), and part of that visit involved a more-fun-than-expected trip to the crayola experience in easton, pa.  we had been there before, but they have since redone the whole thing, and we were pleasantly surprised with the upgrades and changes.  it was a great trip with plenty to do and see, lots of activities for the kiddos, and even fun for the adults, too (i made a steelers hat, which you can see in all its glory below).  the kids made spiral art with melted crayons, made their own markers and crayon wrappers, made wax molds out of melted crayons, had a coloring page made of their faces, and more.  there was lots of color, and the delightful smell of a freshly-opened box of crayons, complete with all the un-dulled edges.  it reminded me that i want to lead a colorful life, with wide-eyed wonder and beauty, without worrying too much about accuracy or coloring inside the lines.  life is beautiful, as you know, and a fun trip to the crayola experience reminded me to keep coloring it that way.  have a great day!

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