Wednesday, January 29, 2014

a very mustardy birthday

when shannon asked jackson about what kind of birthday cake he wanted this year, he said he wanted a mustard cake.  


the kid just loves mustard.  he eats it plain.  he eats it on hot dogs, burgers, and even on his pizza.  heck, he even ate it on his breakfast waffles the other morning.  

so, never one to disappoint, shannon found a way to make him a birthday cake that matched his current love affair with that crazy yellow condiment, and i think she did an amazing job:  

a mustard birthday cake.  put that on pinterest.  

now, just to be clear, the cake itself did not taste anything like mustard.  it was a delicious vanilla/chocolate marble, but it was a bit odd to be cutting into a giant mustard bottle.  one wonders what cake she will have to make next year!

jack had a great birthday celebration.  we celebrated out in western pa at my parents house, where we got to meet our new niece/cousin, who is adorable and cuddly and beautiful and perfect.  he opened his gifts, including legos and k'nex and a microscope and money (which he is using to buy dead insects for his collection, among other things), and more.  he is looking forward to his 10th year of life, and hoping it is full of tangy, mustardy goodness.

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