Tuesday, December 17, 2013

too little. too late. i'm going back to bed.

yay.  the steelers won on sunday.

that's about all the excitement i can muster.

part of that is because the steelers have made a dirty diaper out of their season by making terrible mistakes and losing to awful teams and just generally being unbearably bad.

now they show up and play tough against a good team, and expect me to get all "now i believe in you, and i know we can make the playoffs, if every team in existence loses 2 games and we win three more, even though there's only two left on the schedule?"

i don't think so.

oh, it might also have something to do with this head-crushing cold i'm having, too; the one that makes me feel like my brain is the epicenter of a epic winter storm that is bearing down on my face through my sinus cavities.  meteorologist ken storm reporting, "we are expecting several inches of heavy mucus throughout the day today, changing over to seeping eyes and helpless banging of the head into walls by early evening.  watch out for spasmodic coughing fits, as well, as this can cause unsafe muscle spasms and general bad moodage.  all of this will lead to a strong desire just to get back into bed by mid afternoon.  i'm meteorologist ken storm, just stating the obvious.  back to you, greg."

thanks, ken.  i want to punch you.

speaking of weather, we have snow this morning . a couple of inches, actually,  but no school delay.  what's up with that?  its ironic, i tell you, because last week we had a delay on tuesday because someone like ken storm mentioned the word snow under his breath.  suddenly schools were cancelling like miley cyrus disney events.  then, there was no snow.  not even the hint of snow.  now this week i have to hitch up a sled of huskies just to get my kids to the bus stop.  really?

do you think i'm grumpy?  maybe ken storm was right, after all.

hey, at least the steelers won.  woo hoo.

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