Monday, November 25, 2013

steelers beat the browns

okay, so i missed seeing a game last week.  but not this week, nuh-uh.  i watched every minute, thanks to dvr, and enjoyed every nanosecond of it.  it is amazing how much a season of losing will make appreciate the wins that much more.  it was glorious, and even though i was just sitting on my couch, i had very little voice left after the game.  i was that into it.  it was awesome. 
antonio brown had a big game once again, and is having the best season of his young career, demonstrating that he is one of the brightest stars in the steelers universe. 

the steelers felt like the enjoyed some early christmas presents from the browns, who were in the giving spirit, with a few turnovers.  the steelers were delighted to open those early presents. 

and just in case the browns were thinking of taking anything back, having lost the spirit of generosity, cameron heyward put up the stop sign.  "oh no you don't!"

ben was awesome.  again.  no turnovers.  made some nice throws in some awful weather.  he even had an awesome pooch punt to pin the browns down near the 1 yard line. 

the steelers are picking the right time to start shining, after a nearly season-crushing beginning.  is there enough time left to right the ship?  is there enough in the tank to last through the remaining part of the schedule?  only time will tell...and we only have to wait a few days to get the first part of the answer, since the steelers play the ravens on thanksgiving evening.  here we go steelers!

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