Friday, November 22, 2013

my late response to the steelers beating the lions

the steelers hosted the detroit lions at heinz field on sunday afternoon, at least it was sunday afternoon in pittsburgh.  it was sunday evening in birmingham, england, where i was, in a hotel with a kind of sports bar in the lobby.  perfect, right?  no, not really.  unless i really wanted to watch futbol, rugby, or cricket, which were the sports displayed on all the numerous televisions throughout the bar.  there wasn't even an nfl score to be found!  so i relied on a very slow public wifi connection to try and stay connected.  we were so exhausted from the long day of touring (we had been across the country over in Epworth for most of the day), that we eventually gave up and went up to our room to collapse into bed.  i didn't even see the final score until i stumbled, pre-coffee, back down to the lobby and the free wifi the next morning. 

so, for the first time in as long as i can remember, i didnt' get to watch a steelers game.  i often have obligations which cause me to miss the game, but i usually have it on dvr and watch it later.  but in all the chaos of preparing to travel to england for 9 days, i forgot to set my dvr, and so i missed the game.  when i got home i watched the highlights, which was great, but it was weird to be a world away from the steelers in a place that cares very little about this thing called "american football." 

still, being away hasn't stifled my excitement about the reality that the steelers were able to play a very strong second half and secure a much-needed win against the dangerous lions.  so, my excitement is translated, as usual, into some homemade graphics, courtesy of pictures i stole from the internet.  enjoy.  let's go steelers!

antonio had a huge game

timmons alertly scooped up a fumble and rumbled down the field for some good yardage. 

ziggy had a big sack, which helped to upend the lions on sunday

cotchery came up big again, and ben proved (as usual) why he is an elite quarterback in this league, even if he doesn't fit the brady/rodgers/manning/brees mold. 

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