Friday, October 18, 2013

restaurants, running, and ravens: a random friday

-our boys had picture week at school this week.  i doubt that they give out prizes for the best looking children (why not?), but if they did, it is pretty evident who would win.  i mean, c'mon.  it's ridiculous.  see figure a.

-i've been watching a new show.  it is british.  it is a modern update of sherlock holmes.  and it stars that guy who plays bilbo in the hobbit as dr. watson.  i am already addicted. see figure b. 

-on columbus day we went to my new favorite restaurant.  it's called haywoods.  it is in muncy, pa.  and they are steelers fans.  so the place is full of steelers stuff.  plus, they sell pittsburgh style sandwiches (fries and cole slaw ON the sandwich).  and the sandwiches are called things like "the clemente," "the roethlisburger," "and "the three rivers reuben," among others.  we got all dressed up in steelers gear, and ate well.  see figure c.

-went to the halloween parade in town last night.  let's just say i was "the king" of the festivities.  see figure d.

-i ran on the treadmill at the gym today.  it felt good.  i did a 5k (3.1 miles).  then i decided to keep going.  for another two miles.  i'm pretty sure that's the furthest i've ever run at one time. see figure e.  with the kind of motivation that this week gives me, it is easy to run.  i could have run for another hour. 

-what motivation, you ask?  see figure f. 

                                                        figure a.  ridiculously cute.   

                                                        figure b.  london + murder mysteries + hobbits = awesome.

                                                        figure c.  black and yellow and (really) full.   

                                                        figure d.  thank you.  thank you very much.   

                                                        figure e.  5 miles in under 59 minutes.  almost 900 calories.  run, greg, run! 

                                                        figure f. when i need motivation to workout, i just imagine i'm in the steelers weight room, getting ready to play the ravens, and that's all i need. 

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pete said...

NICE. I joined Planet Fitness a year ago and it's great.