Thursday, October 03, 2013

ken burns, taylor lautner, and baseball in the 'burgh

back in april i started watching this incredible documentary by ken burns about baseball.  i can't imagine it being any more awesome.  but like the game of baseball itself, it was steady and slow, some might say long and boring.  but not me.  it was the opposite of boring.  it was like heaven.  i would HIGHLY (that's right, all caps...i'm yelling about this!) recommend this to any baseball fan.  some (like my wife) might wonder if it would ever end; i hoped it would never end. 

sadly, it did.  last night.  that's right, i watched it over the course of 6 months.  carving out little half hour segments over the course of the baseball season to take in all 1,380 minutes of it (23 hours).  and it was a very bittersweet ending for me.  i want mr. burns to make another chapter (he calls them innings) about the 2013 buccos, ending the streak.  i want the buccos to keep writing this story, so he will be compelled to make it!

speaking of the buccos, i watched this movie the othe day:

okay, so it isn't the greatest movie ever made, and it includes several gratuitous shots of taylor lautner without his shirt on, but it is also set in pittsburgh, features a terrible towel as one of the props, and has an awesome scene shot at pnc park:

therefore i give it 5 stars.  just for the location. 

speaking of 5 stars, the nlds which starts tonight in st. louis is without a question a 5-star matchup, if for no other reason than it pits these two division rivals against one another in the midst of what has to be one of the most emotionally-laden playoff stories in maybe forever.  the cardinals aren't just playing the pirates; they are playing the bad juju of the last 20 years, a geyser of frustration that has built up and is just starting (i hope) to erupt.  they look like a destined team. we shall see.  in any case, everyone who has ever chanted "let's go bucs" better be savoring this moment like a fine, aged wine.  because that is what this is.  when this series gets back to pittsburgh, whatever the status may be, it will be absolutely frenzied.  as it should be.  and i'm going to enjoy every second of playoff baseball in the 'burgh.  i hope ken burns does, as well.  and even taylor lautner. 

let's go bucs!  keep writing the story! 

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