Friday, October 25, 2013

happy blirthday

today is my blog's birthday.  i've been doing this now for 7 years, and over 1,700 posts. 

and it has been seven years of....what?  i don't know.  musings.  laughter.  wrestlings.  hopes.  songs.  art.  change.  movement from birth to childhood, in all its messy joy. 

speaking of my children, here is an interesting fact that i didn't realize until today.  well, i knew this first part of course: all of my children were born on the 25th of their month.  and each one is a quarter away from the other.  january 25th, april 25th, and july 25th.  the pediatrician thought we should try for a 4th child on october 25th.  we will not be.  but, and this is the part i just realized today, my blog's birthday is october 25th!  i wrote my very first post on october 25th, 2006.  kinda crazy. 

and in that time, you have clicked in some 200,000 times.  from all over the world.  you've looked into a digital window into my family, into my heart, at times, and certainly into my mind.  it has been a great seven years, and i have no real intention of quitting at this point, but of doing this another seventy years, or until blogger, or my heart, won't let me do it anymore.  so, until that day, i'll just keep on getting my fingerprints all over these pixels, trying to make the world a better place; trying to make cosmos from chaos; trying to shine my little light on all that is worth holding onto hope for, even in the midst of the darkness and despair all around.  its not much, i realize, but it is something, and it is my something, and , however unlikely, it's now been seven years of something.  and that really is something. 

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