Thursday, October 24, 2013

first sleepover

my oldest (or is it eldest?) son went to his first sleepover at a friends house a few weeks ago.  while it was at a good friend's house, and a family that we trust, that didn't stop me from looking at shannon at some point that evening and feeling aghast as i stated the obvious:  our child is growing up. 

first a sleepover, next is prom.  boom.  like that. 

he had a soccer game to play the next morning, so we warned him over and over that he needed to get some sleep.  he said he understood, and would do his best to rest up. 

but i think his "resting up" looked something like this:

he says he tried to sleep, but one of his friends woke him after one hour.  this coming from the kid who has no concept of time.  none.  30 minutes and 3 hours are very much the same thing in his time-warped world in which, so far, he really hasn't felt the need to differentiate between the two.  so, i really have no idea how long he slept (i'm sure it was more than an hour!), but whatever it was, it wasn't enough, because this was him at his soccer game the next day: 

nonetheless, he played suitably well, and, upon returning home, promptly took a nap.  it still took a few days for him to really recover, but hopefully he learned an important lesson, all while increasing my grey hair percentage about 14%. 

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monica said...

that first video looks like a flashback to J and G singing together.