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concerts i've been to

as shannon and i prepare to go and see a favorite of ours in concert this weekend - emmylou harris - i was thinking about all the concerts i've been able to attend so far in my life.  and i've been to many!  you can see them in word cloud above, and here is a list of the ones i can remember: 

Harrod and Funck (got to see 5 or 6 times)
Over the Rhine (seen at least 10 times)
Coldplay ( la vida tour)
Willie Nelson (legendary)
Taylor Swift (fun)
Shania Twain
U2 (one of the most worshipful experiences of my life)
MuteMath (best live show, hands down)
OC Supertones (seen 4 or 5 times...always entertaining)
The Myriad
Carman (i'm not proud of it)
Mylon Lefevre and Broken Heart (c'mon and crack the sky with me)
Livingston Taylor (james taylor's brother.  sounds like him)
Audio Adrenaline
Newsboys (too many times)
Phil Keaggy
Jennifer Knapp
David Crowder Band
Hoi Polloi
Caedmons Call
Hawk Nelson
Relient K
Lost Dogs
The Electrics
Burlap to Cashmere
Thousand Foot Krutch
Jars of Clay
Andrew Peterson
Nick Giaconia (at the purple door festival...great memory)
Pax 217
Paul Baloche
The Octopus Project
Mercy Me
Bill Mallonee (opening for over the rhine)
Carolyn Arends
Casting Crowns
Rock and Roll Worship Circus
Rebecca St. James
Third Day
The Museum
Leigh Nash
Common Children
Family Force Five
FM Static
Denison Whitmer (at the purple door)
Havalina Rail Co.
Group One Crew
Geoff Moore
The Nudes (in a tiny bookstore in grove city)
Justin McRoberts
Ceili Rain
Fourth Ave. Jones
Zoe Girl
dc Talk (several times...i was a bit fanatic)
Rich Mullins (at least inspirational)
The Prayer Chain
Johnny Q. Public (very unusual concert)
Ed Sheeran
All Star United
Five Iron Frenzy
Sixpence None the Richer
Explosions in the Sky (at stage ae in pittsburgh)
The Gathering Field (at the same bookstore in grove city)
Steven Curtis Chapman
The Imperials (three times, i think)
John Reuben (this guy is hilarious)
Dakoda Motor Co (ate jello with them in someone's backyard prior to the show)
Dryve (at sandcastle water park in pittsburgh)
Ghoti Hook (at grove city college, of all places)
Michael W. Smith
Maya Beiser (at bucknell university)
Willy Porter (at the black potatoe festival in clinton, nj)
Switchfoot (several times...always a great show)
The Nields
Cry Cry Cry (at princeton university...this was a tremendous concert)
Larry Norman (at ichthus festival in the early '90s)
Emmylou Harris (this weekend...hopefully!)

 what was your first concert?  what was the best?


monica said…
love it! I was at some of those with you, though i forgot that jello was at the backyard gathering with Dakota Motor Co.

I feel like i heard James Taylor at an open air concert at Kings Island. Was I just dreaming that? Were you there? It may have been in college, when you weren't here.

I saw an ad at IGA (yes, it is still open) that Sandy Patti will be in concert. I cant believe she is still around. Wowzers
@monica: you don't remember the jello? we ate in Nina's backyard. so crazy.

i never saw james taylor, but not for lack of wanting to!

and while i don't think i ever saw sandy patti (although we listened to her tapes plenty in our ford astrovan trips to pennsylvania and back to kentucky), i did just remember that i saw the band "Glad" at asbury college sometime during my years there. i am sure there were others. there was a random christian rap group from the early 90's called "Say what" that did a hilarious song about sandy patti called "i can sing higher."

thanks for checking in, and i'm glad to know that the IGA is still open. peace.

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