Tuesday, September 03, 2013

prayer for a very busy day

God of the whole world,
  you reign over the bell and clang of wall street
  and the mighty crushing waves of the ocean on distant shores.
  You see the bigwigs in board meetings,
  and the lonely outcasts in cardboard covers.
  in all of this: you. 

God of love for every one,
  in all of this, you see me;
  you love me. 
On this day, when busyness threatens to rob me
  of my passion, my vision, and my joy,
  i ask for some perspective. 
  help me stay connected to you,
  and your heart of love for this broken world,
  that i might not be distracted by
  "collecting registrations" and "inputting attendance." 

On this day, when the undone tasks pull at me
   like screaming children,
   remind me first that i am your beloved son,
   and that my main thing to do is to
   share that love with all who would be my neighbors on this day.

And, oh God of being and doing,
   may i find that at the end of this day,
   i have accomplished exactly what you required,
   and exactly what the world (and my soul) needed. 
   Help me accomplish the tasks that are expected of me,
   (and that i expect of myself),
   but first help me to remain in you (and you in me),
   and not let my tasks cloud out my purpose. 

   I live this day not for me, but for you,
O God of the whole world. 


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I have so missed reading you regularly. Now I know why.