Tuesday, September 17, 2013

google just sacked my positive vibe

 i was all prepared to get on here this morning and write a post about even though it stinks to watch your favorite team lose, i was feeling wise and mature, and had the perspective that i was blessed just to get to watch the steelers play at all. i enjoy seeing them come out onto the field....i enjoy seeing my favorite team compete...i enjoy the energy and adrenaline.  i was going to say that, while the loss is really bad, i am in a really positive place and just enjoying it as it occurs; after all, there is nothing i can do about it anyway, right?  

but then i went and googled an image for this post, and that picture popped up, and all my positive energy got thrown violently to the turf.  

it was brutal.  it was not fun. it was heinous. and i am tempted to go and get a thesaurus so i can tell you how many other shades of awful it was.  


it's going to be a long year.  and i'm going to enjoy it, dang it!

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