Friday, September 06, 2013

drawn to the church?

just watched "waking ned devine" the other night and really enjoyed this exchange between a young boy and the parish priest:

Boy:  - So, did he come to you, then?

Priest:  - Who's that?

Boy - Jesus.

Priest - Oh, Jesus.  Well, he did in many ways, yes.

Boy- Did you see him?

Priest - Well, not exactly, no.

Boy - But... you're working for him.

Priest - I am. Doing the best I can.

Boy - Do you get paid for it?

Priest - Well, it's more a payment of the spiritual kind, Maurice.

Boy - Oh, right.

Priest - Think you could be drawn to the Church?

Boy - I don't think so. 

Priest - Well, you never know.

Boy - I don't think I could work for someone I'd never met, and not get paid for it.

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Pete Sherry said...

Totally love that film, and that exchange is particularly great.