Monday, September 09, 2013

a great (black and) golden egg

do you know what that is? 

it's an egg. 

a black and gold egg. 

like the one the steelers laid at home yesterday. 

sure they scored a touchdown.  at the end when the titans were just protecting their big lead.  sure they had some key injuries and had to shuffle things around. 

but that is not an excuse. 

they looked awful.  they looked rusty and out of sync and frustrated and over matched and out coached and beaten soundly in every sense of the word. 

i love the steelers, and i would gladly watch them play chess against other teams, but even i have to admit that it was hard to watch.  it was embarrassing and humiliating and more than a little sad. 

i am confident that they will fix some of the mistakes, fill some of the gaps, and at least play more respectably than that, but i do not expect them to have a great year, or even a very good year, if yesterday is any indication.  the only silver lining, if you want to call it that, is that every team in the division lost, so the steelers are still tied for first in the division. 

playoffs, here we come! (not)

also, the pirates were swept by the cardinals this weekend, and the yankees were embarrassed by the red sox, so it wasn't a good sports weekend for me. 

on the other hand, the weather was awesome, church was absolutely amazing, the boys had their first soccer games, and we enjoyed a visit from shannon's parents, so, other than my sports allegiances, it was a great weekend. 

now excuse me, i think i'm going to make some scrambled eggs. 

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