Thursday, August 01, 2013

raise it!

i know that there are some who are going to call me a fair-weather fan, or a bandwagonner, and that is fine.  truth is, i finally did lose interest in the buccos.  living in new jersey during the dryest of the dry years, it was especially hard to follow the team, since sportscenter never even showed a highlight, and the newspaper only ever gave a sentence description of each game.  i've been to several games at PNC over those lean years, and have always considered myself a pirates fan, but i certainly stopped following the team closely.  until 2010.  when we moved to central pennsylvania in 2010 and my cable package suddenly included ROOT sports Pittsburgh, i started watching the buccos.  and since then it has been a (mostly upwards) journey.  this year has been awesome. 

now before anyone protests too loudly, of course i'm still a yankees fan! i love the yankees, and i'm still following them daily, despite their awfulness.  but i am just so happy for the city of pittsburgh to finally (after all these years) have a baseball team worth being proud of.  it is really fun to watch.  and if that makes me a bandwagonner, so be it.  and just be careful as your jumping aboard, too. 

right now it is august and the pirates have the best record in all of baseball.  the.  best.  record.   all i really want is for them to make the playoffs (and maybe the yankees can somehow sail up to that second AL wildcard spot?).  after that, anything else will be icing on the cake....a cake 21 years in the making. 

raise the jolly roger!

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