Tuesday, August 13, 2013

mission trip day 2

well, we finished our first full day of work in atlantic city yesterday, and we had an amazing day.  we got to work on the house of a man named Anthony, who's home was flooded by the ocean and bay waters, in addition to the damage on the roof.  the electric in the house was completely ruined, and, in the end, the house had to be gutted.  there has been a bit of work done by contractors so far, but currently the house has no electricity, and is basically just a skeleton inside.  anthony and his wife, children, and grandchildrden have been living in someone else's home for the last 10 months. 

so when we got there yesterday morning we got right to work.  some of us starting building framing around the ductwork, while others got busy cleaning mildew growth on the ceiling, and treating it.  a bit later there was priming and painting of windows, and cleaning out the mudroom and framing it with studs.  we stopped for a peanut butter and jelly lunch, and we worked until close to 5. 




after getting some much-needed showers and having an awesome dinner that the good people here at bethany st. john's umc in pleasantville provided for us, we all headed down to ocean city to walk the boardwalk for a while, and enjoy some of the local flavor (pizza and ice cream!), and get our feet in the atlantic ocean.  we had a blessed day, learning more of what it means to be an ambassador for Christ by serving others in sacrifice and love. 


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