Friday, August 23, 2013

family art project 2013

as you may have seen on our summer bucket list, we had a family art project this summer.  inspired by the works of jackson pollock, we decided to do a "drip" painting, using spoons, brushes, paint tubes, and anything else we could use to put paint on our large canvas.  we looked up jackson pollock and learned about him, looked at some of his works, and even watched a youtube video of him making one of his paintings, before we started.  then we went to town.  what a blast!  i had some frantic music on (vampire weekend), and it seemed to fit the occasion, so the kids really got into it. 

we decided to include the word "create" on the canvas with negative space, because we put the painting above the stairs leading to the basement, where shannon does all her graphic design work, my art room is, and the boys do most of their playing, including all the lego building.  it is a place where we do a great deal of creating, and it was an exercise in creating.  i thought i would video it for posterity, and i included the result of that video above.  as you can tell, we had so much fun. 

quinton, caedmon, jackson, shannon and gregory milinovich
acrylic paint on stretched canvas
august 2013


Emoly said...

I have two very serious questions for you.
First, how long did it take to dry?
Second, how did you decide when it was finished/completed?

It's amazing! Can you take a picture of where it hangs? (Sorry, I had three questions.)

Gregory Milinovich said...

thank you, Em! it only took about 24 hours to dry, with a fan blowing on it the whole time. as far as knowing when it was finished, that is a great question. part of it was when the boys started losing interest. also, when we felt like there was enough coverage without it being WAY too much. sort of a "feel" thing, i guess. as for a picture of where it is hanging, i'll post a pic on facebook soon.