Monday, July 29, 2013

rain, gobots, and homeruns

-hey there, monday!  happy rain day!  don't know what rain day is?  well, its a famous day in the town of my birth, waynesburg, pennsylvania.  on july 29th every year they celebrate something called rain day because, according to local records, it has rained on july 29th on 113 of the last 138 years.  the radar can be as clear as a newly cleaned window, but there will always seem to be one little green dot over that corner of southwestern pennsylvania where waynesburg is nestled into the hills of greene county.  and when life gives you rain, what do you do?  well, make a festival out of it, of course.  so waynesburgians have long had a festival/carnival on july 29th, complete with games, food, a beauty pageant, live music, and anything else you can imagine. 

i remember walking up high street, right through the heart of the festival, as a child, and going to a kind of general store (was it called McCrory's?), and buying my first gobots.  that's right.  a gobot.  like a transformer.  only more indie. 

-hey about that derek jeter?  he misses most a huge part of the season, comes back for one day for a hit in his first at bat, then strains a muscle in his leg, so he has to sit out again for a couple of weeks.  then, he comes back, ithin' to play baseball (and too old, according to many pundits), and in his first at bat, on the first pitch he saw, he hits a homerun to right field.  as david cone commented, his accomplishments speak for themselves.  he is just awesome. 

-in the category of "kids say the darndest things," my son cade was singing the doxology in the car the other day, except that the ending went like this:

praise father, son and woman christ. 

-hey, any over the rhine fans out there?  you can listen to a new song from the forthcoming double album here.  it sounds really good!

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Mary said...

New double album? Yay!!! I've been on an otr kick. On shuffle in the house and their latest in the car. It's supposed to be a perfect day today for rain day, they were saying on the news it might be a disappointing rain day! I love rain day.