Friday, July 26, 2013

i love holidays

in case the poster i made isn't enough; in case you need me to pile up my words to demonstrate the inane level of my fanaticism, here goes:

today is a holiday (literally: holy day)!  and, boy, do i love holidays!  today is the 46th year of a special annual tradition in which the football team from pittsburgh makes the drive down to latrobe, pennsylvania, and onto the campus of saint vincent college, passing the fred rogers center on the way in (yes, that mr. rogers), and making their way to rooney hall.  eventually they will all gather at chuck noll field (just listen to these's like a who's who of the historical greats) and begin to practice together in the hot august sun, another step in their quest for an unprecedented seventh lombardi trophy. 

this is a sacred day. 

if nothing else, it is a day of hope.  in training camp, there are no losses on the record.  there is only potential and prognostication, and depending on who you listen to, it is a day of discovering from those prognosticators that the steelers will either win their seventh championship or miss the playoffs altogether.   but for me, this holiday is a day of hope, of untold stories.  its like that moment in january when you walk out to play in the snow and there isn't yet one footprint in that perfectly beautifully white landscape.  it's all yours to do with whatever you want.  that's what today feels like for the steelers and, by extension (even if its through a kind of psychosis) their fans, steelernation

and so, happy training camp day, boys.  have fun playing and making your mark and telling your story.  let's see what happens. 

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