Tuesday, July 16, 2013

at the drive-in

last night we kicked another item off of our summer bucket list, by heading to the point drive-in theater between danville and northumberland, pa, to catch an outdoor movie.  for a very reasonable price, you actually get a double feature (although staying for the second movie would have put us home around 1am...not really a possibility for us).  since it was monday, you can bring your own bucket and they will fill it with popcorn for free.  that's right....FREE. 

so we got in, parked, got our chairs and van all set up, got our popcorn (we brought our own candy and drinks), and enjoyed the fading of the daylight as we waited for despicable me 2 to begin.  i felt a little like this guy

even quin seemed to enjoy himself, once he ate approximately 14 pounds of blueberries, and knocked over an entire bucket of popcorn into the grass. 

once the movie began, we were mostly focused on the hilarity of the minions and steve carrell's hilarious voicing of an ex-evil genius who is now busy raising three little girls, and building his new jelly and jam-making business.  the movie was fun, if nothing else, and there is just something so cool about watching a film under starlight, listening to the audio through your car speakers.  it feels somehow like you've traveled back in time several decades, in a good way.  we had a great time, though we didn't get home until after 11, with 2 out of 3 boys very obviously tired, and the third denying it vehemently. 

a wonderful night...and the summer moves on. 


Mary said...

I love drive-ins! :o) We try to go every summer too. We always try to stay for the double feature but I end up falling asleep! I like how your screen looks like it is being hugged by trees...makes it seem even more old timey :)

Randell said...

This is awesome!