Tuesday, June 04, 2013

summertime is here

-well, it is officially summer vacation over here.  which might be why you haven't heard from me in more than a few days.  yesterday was the first full official day of summer vacay, and jackson was up prior to 630 (am), looking for things to do ("i'm bored").  this woke up the baby prematurely, so shannon took the two of them for a walk/bike ride, leaving cade with me.  i thought it would be a nice lazy morning until i went over to work, but by 730 (am!) caedmon had fed himself breakfast, packed a backpack, gotten dressed, and was standing by the door saying he was ready to go to work with me.  and so summer "vacation" (insert melodramatic air quotes there, please) begins.  sigh. 

-jackson played his next-to-last soccer game last night, and it was by far his best of the season.  coach amanda has him playing "sweeper" exclusively now, which means he is sort of a goaltender who can't use his arms.  he was so timid and cautious around the ball early in the season, but he has really grown during the year, and he is much more aggressive and decisive now.  its been really cool to see the transformation.  last night he had 15-20 saves in the goal, against a team that was far and above the best team we've played this year, with some really good athletes and offensive power.  we are proud of him!

-what  have i been watching?  thanks for asking.  been using amazon prime recently, and i've watched the first two seasons of the original star trek series, and am part way through season 3.  last week i watched a fascinating documentary called "inheritance" about the daughter of a particularly hideous nazi leader, and the inherited guilt she has lived with over the years.  this weekend i watched leo dicaprio in "the man in the iron mask," which somehow i had never seen before.  oh, and baseball when i can.  and hockey, but these last two games have been hard to watch (penguins).  i started a playoff beard, but it may be short-lived. 


monica said...

How have you not seen the man in the iron mask? It is essentially the three musketeers done over again. I remember you and Joe and Josh were all into the 3 musketeers.

Gregory Milinovich said...

Monica: i know, right? how did i never see it? all i could think of as i was watching it was josh and joe and i, being the three musketeers of jessamine county!