Wednesday, May 29, 2013

what will they think of next?

sometimes i write about really grand things; the deep brokenness of the human condition, the great depths of faith and the profound reasons for hope, to name a few of my loftier topics. 

and then there is this. 

i'm not even sure i have the words for this. 

i mean, i'm all for equality whenever possible, and if i were a woman, i have a feeling i would LOVE this (i'm telling you i would). 

but still, that we live in a world where someone makes this and sells it!  what the what?

in case you haven't figured it out based on that, um, ergonomic design, the "shewee" is a small plastic device that allows women to urinate while standing up.  so, whether she's out on the golf course, on the side of the highway, or just doesn't want to sit down on that nasty gas station toilet, today's woman now has a handy option!  do you want to know more (i don't blame you), you can visit the shewee website

and, for both men and women, they also sell a little product called a "peebol" for those times when you're stuck in line, or in traffic, and you just really don't have time to find a restroom to relieve yourself.  of course, i thought that's what depends were for! 

in any case, whether you shake your head in amazement or disgust, this is our crazy, broken, gift a world.  it includes such wonderful inventions as


so all you can do is accept it, and make the best of it.  and if you need to pee while eating your toast at that picnic on your pants, well, invent something and sell it on the internet.  that's capitalism, baby. 

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Happy said...

I don't know whether to laugh at the hilarity or be horrified!