Tuesday, May 14, 2013

random tuesday: vampires and pentecost cake

-hello spring.  feeling ornery, aren't we?  high today somewhere in the 50's (it's 32 as i write this), but a high of 79 two days from now?  really? 

today is field day.  lots of layers for the school boys. 

-i'm helping my sister and brother-in-;law move into their new home today...excited for them in this new chapter of their journey as a family, and glad to be able to help out. 

-two words: vampire weekend.  i'll let you know.

-caedmon finished his flag football season this week.  i'm pretty sure he now knows the difference between offense and defense.  it was a productive season.


-have a great tuesday!

1 comment:

Crafty P said...

i love that last pic. hilarious.
we are attending a baptism and therefore, we WILL have cake! lol