Sunday, May 12, 2013

happy mothers day, 2013

well, the countdown is over and mothers day has arrived.  today i share with you the latest installment in our annual family mothers day video. 

before you watch it, though, know this:  there are a host of factors that contribute to us having the family we have, but there is none more critical, graceful and steadfast as Shannon.  without her, i am a buoy on the sea, bobbing up and down with the circumstances of the moment, lifted up by the highs of cute comments and good spelling tests, then immediately brought down by the lows of bickering and a diaper filled with some sort of toxic waste.  but shannon is solid.  she is consistent and she holds us all together.  without her, we'd be a little crazy. 

well, as you can see from the video, we're a little crazy with her and about her, but it's a good crazy.  this music video is simply meant to capture some of the energy and expression and joy that she inspires in us.  it is my hope that it represents a moment in time, a season of our lives with three little boys at various ages who are learning what it means to be alive - learning, in their own way, just how broken this world is - and are finding a way to dance and rejoice anyway.  thanks for helping teach them that.  here's to you, shannon. 


Cmilinovich said...

One of my favorites!

Emoly said...

I'm not their mother or anyone's mother, but I sure did smile, laugh and enjoy it. Thanks for sharing their fun and your creativity!!! Shannon deserves all of it.