Thursday, May 02, 2013

a really random thursday (a curse on you, candy crush)

-did you know it is baseball season? i haven't written my annual love letter to baseball yet this year, but i am no less in love with the sport. i've been enjoying the yankees ability to patch together a bunch of wins using players who were on all star teams when kris-kross was topping the charts with "jump jump." and i've been impressed with the pirates early run. here's hoping they find a way to sustain it over the 162 game schedule this year. we'll see. in any case, annual loveletter forthcoming...

-i do not recommend playing candy crush.  it will violently rob you of every other ounce of your life.  "don't go to your job," it whispers.  "don't pay any attention to your family.  just try and match some sweet treats in groups of three or more." 

it sounds more convincing in my head. 

-speaking of kris kross, one of those dudes died yesterday, sadly.  this caused me to reflect on my own life, since we were about the same age.  more to the point, i used to walk around wilmore, the town i lived in when i was in high school, with all my clothes on backwards, pretending that i was a rap superstar, saying things like, "i'm the miggity-miggity-miggity-miggity mack daddy," and other such lyrical poetry.  my buddy joe and i were kris kross.  except we were white, suburban, entitled, semi-redneck confused teenagers from kentucky.  but other than that, we were so def and fly.  (if you didn't understand that sentence, you are obviously wiggity-wack). 

-been teaching a class on brennan manning's "abba's child" for the last month or so, and it has a few more weeks to go.  its been such a joy to go back and read through it.  the man is such a spiritual mentor to me, and he will be missed deeply.  i am blessed to be able to introduce a bunch of folks to his writings and his brutally honest, broken, and grace-filled life. 

-and finally, to wrap up the day's randomness, here is quin showing his skills with the mic.  he's the mack daddy


i would love to write more, but i just need to match a few more candies....


monica said...

i remember you all rapping at a youth group talent show and one mic was one and the other was off, so we could only hear one of you and then you would do your dance thing and switch places and we could hear the other one. so funny.

I was trying to explain a hammer dulcimer to the boys the other day and got on you tube and found Rich Mullins playing it and showed it to them. It brought back such sweet memories.

julie said...

quin is such a cutie pie! it's been too long since i've seen him. adorable.

also, i lent a copy of "abba's child" to a friend of mine who had questions about faith and had some major "daddy issues" for lack of a better phrase. unfortunately our paths have not crossed for over a year so i don't know how it impacted her. i pray that she finds His love someday soon and maybe i'll hear from her. such a great book - i need to buy a new copy.