Tuesday, April 16, 2013

spring sports

cade is playing flag football this spring (and i use the term "spring" very loosely - it has felt more like late november in each of his games so far), and he is enjoying it very much.  it is mostly just an opportunity to start to learn the fundamentals and the rules of the game, and i think it is doing that for him, but other than that it mostly just running back and forth down the length of the field.  still, he really enjoys it, as you can see from his face in the picture below.  looks like i have we have a blond hines ward there with that grin on his face!

jackson is playing spring soccer this year, too, (pics to follow at some point) so our saturday mornings and sunday afternoons are now busy with us sitting in lawn chairs at sports fields.  well, shannon sits.  i mostly pace and try my best not to shout too much.  but i've gotta be honest: it's a struggle for me!  my natural tendency is to constantly bark out instruction.  i think i may take to videotaping every game and then watching the film with them later so i can teach them that way, instead of making a fool of myself on the fields and giving myself a sore throat.  l

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Mary said...

How awesome!!! :o) I didn't realize that Cade was playing football!