Thursday, April 25, 2013

happy 6th birthday, cade!

today is our cade's 6th birthday! 

(by the way, for those who aren't sure how to spell cade's name, it's like this:  long form = caedmon, short form = cade.  deal with it.)

he asked for a star wars-themed birthday, so rather than go out and try and find star wars decorations and spend stupid amounts of money on it, we decided to use the plethora of star wars-related objects we have around the house, including vintage figurines, dvds, records, collectible cards, pez dispensers, legos, games, books, and more!  i bought some plain balloons and decorated them myself, and it all turned out pretty cool!

shannon, creative and talented as ever, made him some star wars cookies for his class at school.  since we didn't have any star wars cookie cutters, she improvised, using a heart with wings for a yoda head, a christmas bell for boba fett, and pumpkin turned sideways for chewbacca!  how ingenious is that?!?  we were all impressed with how they turned out.  i think she should go into business!

my parents were here this weekend to celebrate, and during the festivities, the captain rex helmet made the rounds.  even quin got in on it!  and who knew that the captain is a steelers fan? 

cade had specifically requested a pineapple upside down cake, which is rather hard to decorate, so we just stuck some star wars guys in it, which he loved, so it worked out well.  these were my star wars guys from the early 80's.  pretty cool to see them finding new lives for another generation! 

we can't believe that cade is six today, but believe it or not, we are celebrating it.  it's so easy to celebrate because he is an absolute joy.  he is tender and affectionate and hilarious.  he is so full of joy and movement and life and laughter, that is a light to our days.  we love you more than anything in the universe, caedmon!  happy birthday!

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Mary said...

Shannon is so talented! Amazing!!! :o) Loved hearing about the little guy's big day! Love you all!