Wednesday, April 10, 2013

frogs, bogs and jogs

"dragon boat"
jackson a. milinovich
april 2013

i ran outside this morning, which was glorious.  the morning, i mean, not the run.  that was wearisome.  especially as i passed the 3-mile mark.  it took everything i had to press on.  now, i listen to my ipod while i run.  and i often just put the thing on shuffle and go.  i've got some 14,000 songs on there, so needless to say i get a variety.  it is not uncommon for me to start a run with the rockabilly swing of asleep at the wheel, continue with some indie rap, followed by pavarotti and the beatles.  i like the diversity.  however, i also have a playlist on my ipod called "childrens music."  its for the kids.  mostly.  and it is only a couple hundred songs, but at just about the 3-mile mark this morning i was serenaded by laurie berkner's version of "froggy went a-courtin." 

i didn't change it.  i just kept running.  i figured, if i can't be motivated by the songs of my children, reminding me that i'm their father, working towards health so that i can share many more songs with them in many future years; songs enjoyed around campfires and graduations and baptisms and happy birthday songs when their children are teenagers.  amazingly, out of another 14,000 songs, "froggy" was followed by the nield's rendition of "rattlin' bog," and i just had to chuckle as i finished my run.  i didn't change it, either.  i just kept listening, thinking about being a dad, and being one for a long time. 

either that, or i just didn't have the energy to reach across and change the song.  either way, i got my 3.25 miles in and am here for another glorious day of abundant living.  so i will keep singing whatever songs the day brings. 

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Mary said...

Great job Greg! You inspire me with your running! I want to get back into jogging (which is just a fast walk for some!) Also...I love that picture Jack drew. Did he do that dragon head all by himself? He has for-real talent....coming from a 3rd grade teacher that sees LOTS of doodles :)