Wednesday, April 24, 2013

an honest confession

okay....i'm going to publically admit it.  are you ready? 

i'm a "swifty." 

there, i said it.  and i feel better already. 

it all started innocently enough.  in december, shannon had mentioned that she thought she might like taylor swift's newest cd, red.  and so, in true milinovich style, i couldn't just buy her one cd, i felt compelled to buy her the entire taylor swift discography, that is, all four of her albums.  needless to say, she was grateful enough when she unwrapped them at christmas, but she also just shook her head at my predictable extremism.  well, she might call it extremism.  i call it commitment.  i've always been that way.  during casual backyard barbecue badminton games, i would be the one with grass stains all over the front of my clothes, and a bloody cheek, because i couldn't play casually.  i play all-out.  call it extreme. call it intense.  call it passionate.  call it sucking the marrow out of life.  i'll call it living abundantly.  whatever you call it, it got my wife all four taylor swift cds. 

i was prepared to mock her for this new collection; to tease her for her affinity for bubble gum pop music, until i started to listen to red.  this was my thought process:  i can't believe i have to listen to this ridiculous, teeny-bop, sugary-sweet, bubble gum garb....wait a second, that's actually really good.  holy cow, is that dubstep?  and isn't that the guy from snow patrol?  man, that is a very clever lyric, too bad it was written by some suit at a record company.  still, i can't admit to anyone that i like this.  it'll be my dirty little secret.

that was fine until shannon kept wondering why i had loaded all four of the albums onto my ipod, and was listening to taylor swift nonstop.  she also noticed that i had been looking her up online.  that's when the crap really hit the fan; when i had accidentally left up taylor's wikipedia page on the computer, and shannon spied it. 

shannon: why were you looking up taylor swift?
me:  um...i don't know what you're talking about.
shannon:  oh really?  then why did i find taylor swift's wikipedia page open on your computer?
me:  oh, that.  well, um...did you know she's from pennsylvania?
shannon:  yeah, so? 
me:  well, we're from pennsylvania, too.  isn't that kind 
shannon:  sure, i guess so.  but you still haven't told me...
me:  and did you know she writes most of her own songs, lyrics and music?  that's practically unheard of in those kinds of music circles!  and i just found out she's good friends with the civil wars, too.  that's some credibility right there!
shannon: that's it.  you're a swifty.  like a teenage girl.  i'm putting it on facebook....
me:  NOOOOO!!!!!!

so in an effort not be outed by my wife, i am coming clean on my own.  i love taylor swift.  in fact, shannon and i are going to see her in concert in philly this summer.  i'm not joking.  i'm that guy. 

so, love me or leave me, my musical tastes just keep catching me off guard.  for example, after i decided to write this post, i started watching josh garrell's independently made music documentary called "the sea in between" and had my mind blown by its awesomely awesome awesomeness.  and i want to be his groupie.  but that'll have to wait until after i scream my face off at a taylor swift concert this summer. 


Andrew Burd-Harris said...

Have you seen her monolog song from SNL?

Gregory Milinovich said...

loved it! gotta be able to laugh at yourself!

Anonymous said...

i'm seeing her in PGH. can't wait. caleb was actually why we all became swifties. :)