Monday, March 18, 2013

run a 5k? check.

well, i did it. 

i donned my hat, pulled up my st. patrick's day socks, pinned on my number 13 (wow, i registered early!), and lined up in the snowstorm for the starting gun.  it fired, and i was off.  i had my playlist ready and rolling, and i was running.  it felt like the first half of the race was slightly uphill, punctuated by a bit of a steep uphill section, before it came back down and levelled out.  it snowed beautifully the whole time, which, while cold, was a heckuva lot better than an ice cold drenching rain.  i felt pretty good most of the way, until quite close to the end, when i was fairly sure i was dying, so i stopped to walk for about 3 steps before i said to myself, "what are you doing, you idiot?  you don't want to do this!"  so i started running again, turned a corner, and there was someone telling me that i was nearly finished.  so i kicked it up a notch (as much as an old fat guy can kick it up a notch after nearly dying) to the finish.  i ended up finishing the race at 31:33 (official time), and i was pretty happy with that time.   but i was mostly just happy that i finished.  that i did it.  that i could cross it off my list of accomplishments.  that i had trained for it and worked hard on it and nailed it. 

here i am with my sister in law, who also ran in the 5k. 

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Mary said...

Greg that is so awesome and I am so proud of you! I didn't realize it was an Irish themed 5k! I hope that The Clancy Brothers were on that playlist of yours....