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random: odds and ends

just in case you've forgotten my profound love of that fashion underdog, the sweatervest, here is a picture of the one i wore yesterday, complete with half-windsored orange tie, oddly enough.  i know you were all dying to see it.  just like you are all so anxious to know what i've been reading and listening to.  well, who am i to make you beg? 

this is what i've been reading.  it's called "divergent" by veronica roth.  it is the story of a dystopian world broken in which society has been organized into factions, based on dominant parts of each individual's personality.  i very much enjoyed it, both from the psychological/sociological viewpoint of imagining a world in which we are organized in such a way, and from the characters of the story, their agency and relationships.  it was a very easy read, and entertaining.  there are apparently two more to complete a trilogy, so i'll get right to those.  i'm sure it won't be long til there's a movie or a tv series or something. 

this is the band mutemath.  i have always loved mutemath.  after their next to last album, however (armistice), i sort of fell out of love a bit.  or i forgot.  or something.  then they came out with an album called odd soul, and the snippets i heard on itunes just didn't do it for me. maybe it was my mood or something, i don't know.  but i recently downloaded odd soul from amazon for a ridiculously cheap price, and have fallen head over heels in love with mutemath again.  they are awesome.  the best part about them is their incredible ability to perform live, channeling the very essence of rock-n-roll in a way few other artists are able to do, which is why they have like 4 live albums already, as compared to their 3 regular studio albums, plus their original ep.  for about a week and a half i have hardly been able to listen to anything else except mutemath on repeat.  if you had lost some interest in them, as i did, i encourage you to give "odd soul" a try.  it is different, but really really good. 

okay, weird story.  we were having leftovers last night, and sometimes heating up whatever is left of previous meals means that you  are going to end up with some combinations that aren't ideal.  like, yesterday's broccoli casserole mixed with the chickpea curry from the day before.  i don't mind so much, though, because it is like a food-collage on the plate, juxtaposing foods you might never otherwise consider to join together.  that's what happened last night.  shannon and both had the same plate: part of an amazing burrito (the burrito macho from casa sanchez in shamokin dam, pa) and some leftover cabbage and potatoes from our st. patty's day meal.  that's right: hispanic and irish.  as we were getting ready to sit down and eat, i asked a question i often ask at dinner: what kind of music do we want to listen to tonight.  sometimes i try to match it to our food, like a fine wine.  jokingly, shannon replied, "how about hispanic irish music?"  i laughed, but knew instantly that i had something to fit the bill.  i scrolled the ipod to this band:

 they are a group of scottish guys (i understand it's not irish, but let's not get picky here), who play salsa music with traditionally celtic instruments, including bagpipes.  it is an odd and amazing combination, and it fit our odd dinner perfectly.  and shannon just shook her head that i would have an album of northern european/hispanic latin music for the occasion. 

this post is brought to you by the word "odd."  and so enjoy this mutemath song, "odds." 


Crafty P said…
laughing and shaking my head right along with her.


shake shake

nice band
thank you very much. i have a music library for your every need. you simply need a library card. ;)

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