Tuesday, March 26, 2013

our trip to whitaker science center

 this weekend we had the opportunity to go with my parents to the whitaker science center in harrisburg.  we had a blast checking out all the exhibits, and, most of all, enjoying the incredible imax movie "flight of the butterflies" about the monarch migration and how it was discovered where they congregate in mexico each year.  it was a great day of learning and discovering, and the pictures show some of the joy of that discovery: 

we had a great day, so thank you, memaw and pappy! 

and seriously, if you get the chance to see "flight of the butterflies" in imax 3d, i HIGHLY recommend it.  i've seen it twice now, and it is, for me, a spiritual experience to see the wonder of God's creation in such vivid detail and beauty.  it is astonishing. 

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