Friday, March 01, 2013

its time to make the world dance, and other good ideas from kid president

okay, so i know i'm extremely slow on this one, since 12 million of you already know about this, but i feel compelled to share, nonetheless.  the video below is from a little kid who goes by the moniker "kid president."  his real name is robbie novak, and he suffers from something known as 'brittle bone syndrome' in which his bones break really easily.  rather than sit around and pout about all the brokenness (don't many of us do this, with far LESS to complain about?), he and his brother and law decided to dance anyway, and to make some videos about it.  they've caught on, and kid president has something important to say to you and to me about the idea of living abundantly and fully, and the hope life can have, despite the brokenness.  i encourage you to watch the video below, and, if you do, i dare you to not be inspired.  have a great friday.  peace.

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