Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Family historical documentation

We've been back to our annual tricks again; our February pilgrimage into a land of knee-high paper scraps and little bits of glue finding their way into orifices we had forgotten we had. That's right: we are scrapbooking again. I get made fun of every year for this and again this year I was asked in an incredulous voice, "YOU are scrapbooking?" Well, yes, yes I am, thank you very much. Although I prefer to call it family historical documentation.

And we've been busy at it, too. The man cave has been turned into a world of 12x12 papers and stickers for every possible occasion, not to mention glues and scissors and tapes and enough photographs to fill several families' scrapbooks. But it's just ours. And we are up to thanksgiving in 2012, which means we've only got a couple of months to go. We can see the finish line, and it looks like seeing my carpet again.

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